Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 12 days of Christmas- Day 1 {Christmas Bells}

So my daughter came home from Pre-K yesterday with a list of Christmas symbols with one assigned to each of the last 12 school days of the year, with instructions to have your child wear a symbol each day. Now to be fair, it said that we could use stickers, Ornaments, Paper, etc. 
But me being an over achiever (when it comes to school assignments for my daughter... not necessarily anything else i.e. house work) and being mildly crafty - I feel compelled to made each of her little Christmas symbols to the best of my crafty abilities. 

So here we are kicking off day one with... 
a Christmas Bells Hair Clip.
I just cut the shapes out of felt and stitched them together with
embroidery floss and then hot glued it to an existing hair clip I had.

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