Monday, February 11, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Party

She is just so pretty as a little prairie girl. 

This beautiful girl turned 7
 and requested a "Little House on the Prairie" Party. 
At first she was torn between My Little Pony and La La Loopsy, but finally settled on "Little House". We've been reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books for awhile now before bed at night. Ella has really gotten to love the stories.

I ordered some fabric from Hawthorne Threads and used some from my stash to make Ella's shirt and skirt, birthday banners, and bonnets for all the girls. 
The three new fabrics I got were: 

I found this sweet quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder that I used to make a little graphic in PicMonkey. 
I made a big sign with it on our mantle and then printed small ones out for the goody bags.

I used the Red Lantern that I bought for Hudson's Camping Party, some flowers, and candles I had on hand for a center piece on top of some old doilies and a vintage table cloth I picked up at a thrift store in college. And layered that all on top of a red checked vinyl table cloth that I got at Target years ago.

I found a great little coloring sheet for the girls to work on while waiting for guests to all arrive.
I bought some popcorn flavor shakers from the grocery store and just peeled off their labels and made my own pretty ones and just taped them on. The girls got scoops of popcorn in simple brown paper sacks and then got to shake in their favorite topping.
That empty spot to the right of the strawberries was filled with apples, but I took this pick awhile before the party and I didn't want them to get brown. 
The plate is from Hobby Lobby. I love it. Really wish they would have had more pieces to go with it.

Here's a shot of Ella's birthday outfit. I am in love with that big floral. So pretty. I will be hoarding the last bits of that fabric for something special. 

The punch was 4 cans of frozen Pink Lemonade, with four cans of water and 2 (2 liter) bottles of Sprite. I also, sliced on lemon and threw them in there. It was delicious. I couldn't stop drinking it. I got the cute straws from Dime Store Buddy on Etsy.

This was Ella's Candy Store. We probably could have had more candy to choose from, but it worked out just fine. We gave the girls printed circles that we called "pioneer coins" that they exchanged for candy. (I wanted to do pennies, but I forgot to run by the bank.) Then Ella just scooped candy into their paper sacks and I tied them with twine. These also served as their "goody bags", and they also got to take home their bonnets.

We played a clothespin game that I found on pinterest. We played it at a relay, and I think the girls enjoyed it. 

The cake was a just a simple cake from our neighborhood grocery store. I usually try to make the cakes myself, but just ran out of time. I did make a little fabric banner that I attached to some pretty striped straws and found a sparkly #7 for her blow out. :)

Ella enjoying some yummy punch!

Ella with some of her friends! One of the moms texted me later on and said her daughter wore her bonnet to the grocery store and to church the next day. That made me smile! Glad they liked them.
Another mom said that her daughter insisted they check out "Little House on the Prairie" from the Library. So I think overall it was a hit!

You should be able to click on the image below and then be able to print it. Let me know if you have any trouble with it. 

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