Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camo Camping Party- Hudson's 5th Birthday

  My middle kiddo, Hudson, turned 5 beginning of August. He was wanting a Camouflage Camping theme this year. He is ALL boy that is for sure. He loves anything camo, army, cowboy, camping, knights, pirates, etc. This theme was fun and not too hard to pull off.
 We had a lot of fun... until that is my youngest puked on the kitchen floor during cutting the cake. THAT did put a damper on things. I told her it was a major party foul. But because of that I missed getting very many pics of the kiddos. Really meant to get a group shot, but I was busy bathing a pukey 2 yr old and then holding her wrapped in her blanket for the rest of the evening.

Party Details
Red Lantern, Camo plate, & $1 flashlights for the goody bags- Walmart
Green napkins- Ikea
Large white Frame- Target
Cake Stand- Pottery Barn
Box Cake with homemade Chocolate Icing
Rice Crispy Smores Recipe found here
Burlap, Trees, Scrapbooking paper,  Letter "H" and tiny wood pine tree- Hobby Lobby
Camping shirt- Perry Jayne - me :)
I made the Paper tags for the goody bags and things in Publisher.
For all the ideas I didn't have time to do,  you can visit my Pinterest Board

 The little tent on the right there is just cardboard covered in camo fabric and then a cardboard "5" glued on. The grass is just a bit of felt that I cut up. The flag on top is felt that I hot glued on too. 
 I missed getting pics of the all the food, but the menu for the evening was:
Sloppy Joes (I also added a couple cans of baked beans to mine)
Hot Dogs
Veggies with ranch dip

Snagged these pine cones from the school's pick up line (It's lined with tons of pine trees). Then just hot glued them to some twine.
 In the goody bags, I put Trail Mix and Flashlights.

Here's a pic of Huds helping me fill the goody bags. He was so sweet to help.

  Hudson wanted his tent on the back porch for his friends to play in. I made sure to put some bug spray out there for them too.

 Hudson got some camo paint from one of his friends and had to try it out immediately. :)

 Hudson with his cake. 
Orginally I was going to plan some games, but the kiddos seemed to have fun just playing in the backyard.

Last, I'll leave you with a few pics of our family celebration, we had on his actual birthday last week.


Sally Jane said...

Can you tell me how to make the treat bag toppers? I wanted to make the Happy Trails one and the one on the brown bag to read Camp Wagoner 2014- I have twin girls so wanted to use last name instead of first.. Thank you for your help!

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

Sally - I made them in Microsoft Publisher and I downloaded the font. I had saved them to my computer, but sadly that computer crashed and I do not have Publisher on my new laptop. Wish I could just make one up for you. (I actually tried to do it in PicMonkey, for you just now but it just wasn't coming together.)I wish you the best of luck. :) And I hope your girls have a fabulous Camping Party!!

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

Sally- Send me an email to melissa_raie@yahoo(dot)com and I will send you what I made real quick in picmonkey. It's not the same, but it might be better than nothing. :)

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