Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Time to Get Fit

So my hubby has lost about 20 pounds over the last couple months. I thought that would motivate me, but it didn't. It just meant more ice cream for me. :) I'd like to blame my weight gain on being a momma, but I weighed 142 at my first prenatal visit with my oldest, so I can't really blame it on the babies. I was chubby BEFORE I even had the kiddos. But summer is coming and I don't want to feel like a big chubbo at the pool. So...I've decided to join "A Feathered Nest's" Spring Fittness Challenge. You can join too...and there's a prize for the most percentage of weight lost. The more people who join the bigger the prize money so go check it out.

OK so here's the cold hard facts-

Height: 5'2" (yes, I know, I'm super short)
Weight: 144 pounds (that's what my scale says, I know for a fact that my scale weighs you about 5 lbs lighter....but for the purposes of actual pounds lost, we'll just go with the number it says).
Before Picture- Taken March 6th:

My TARGET weight according to this site is 125. Honestly, that's about right for me. I think I weighed around 120 in High School, so 125 would be awesome. I'd feel like a total skinny minnie.

So off to go eat some carrots and take a jog on the treadmill. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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