Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lovely Fabric

I ordered some fabric from sewlovefabrics on etsy. It came in the mail on Tuesday. I scoured the whole city of Tulsa looking for a Quilt store that carried designer fabrics and decided to just order online. I'd much rather be able to look at fabric in person before I buy, but these are even more beautiful in person.
I am so super excited.  The fabrics from left to right are Heather Bailey's Rose Bouquet in cream, Amy Butler's Full Moon Dot in Cherry, and Heather Bailey's Sway in Cream. I LOVE them. 

This is how my fabric and pattern came packaged. Doesn't it look so sweet to have that little paper lace around it.

The Bailey fabrics especially just feel so wonderful. They have a good weight and are so soft and smooth. I'm going to make my Ella a dress. First I'm making a "practice" dress. It's still cute fabric, but I just picked this fabric up at Hobby Lobby. Below is my progress so far on the dress....I have a long way to go, yet.

 I feel much more confident in my hand sewing and applique. I'm still a beginner when it comes to working with patterns and my sewing machine. But the only way to get better-is to try. So I'm trying. Wish me luck.

P.S. Think there might have been a toddler finger print on the lens of my camera. 
Note to self: Check Camera lens for kiddo goo before taking pictures.


Sandee said...

Hi!! I love that shop and have ordered quite a few times.....Love that fabric, have both, big surprise, huh? I am a fabric addict, totally...Good luck with your project and I love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine too.

myminimocs said...

beautiful fabrics!!! i hope you'll show us the dress when it's done!

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