Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Fitness Challenge- Monday Weigh-In

Week 3- Weigh In

April 20th
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 138 lbs 
Lost this week: 2 lbs
Total lost: 6 lbs 
% lost: 4.17%
Goal: 125 lbs
Weeks remaining: 5 weeks

If I can just lose 2.6 lbs every week for the rest of the Challenge I can meet my goal. That's not too bad. I hope I can do it!!

*noticed after looking at this picture that it's time to give myself a little pedicure.


Joanna said...

Thanks for stopping by. I wished that I knew where everybody was at as well. I only have a few of the blogs bookmarked and others don't have blogs or aren't keeping track of them.

That's great if I am. I was worried with no loss this week.

Good job on your loss! I remember when I was less then 140. : )

myminimocs said...

go girl!!!

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