Monday, May 11, 2009

Dreary, Grouchy, Day

Havin' one of those downer kind of days. My DH asked me this morning if I was going to "start". Nope! I'm just grouchy and feeling sad. Don't really have a good reason. 
Then I feel guilty about feeling that way because I read Jess's blog last night and just couldn't begin to fathom her deep sadness and pain.  I have two beautiful healthy children that love me- I should be full of joy and just thankful to God for my blessings. 

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myminimocs said...

never compare your sadness to someone else's - i'm saying that to you with love and compassion for what you are feeling. the world is a hard place and life can sometimes be SO unfair. when you have a heart like you obviously do, it breaks for those who are going through something incredibly difficult - but it doesn't mean your feelings are any less valid! embrass your goodness and celebrate that God has made you a compassionate & empathetic person. remember always that everyone has days that just don't feel good and that is nothing to feel guilty about.

i hope today was a better day for you!!!

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