Friday, May 29, 2009

Not a Baby Anymore

There are small things that happen every now and then that remind me that my "baby" really is turning into a big boy. Today it was Hot Wheels Cars. We went to the Doctor today to check his ears and he has yet another ear infection. So when we picked up his prescription at the store, I decided to get him a treat at the check-out (that and his sister was getting Princess Chapstick, as you can see in the previous post). I opened the cars for him and he was elated. He "vroomed" all the way home. At nap, he insisted on sleeping with them. His beloved sleeping partner Teddy, got the shaft for sure. I snuck in after he fell asleep to get a picture. I had to pull back the covers he had both cars snuggled in under him. One in fact was under his belly and I was afraid I'd wake him up, if I pulled on it. Anyway, Hot Wheels Cars are a Big Boy toy, not a baby toy and that just sunk in today...he's growing up

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ShellyStout said...

So sweet sleeping with the cars, I'm not ready for Harry to be "big" yet!

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