Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My New Sand Dollar Print Headband

Just got done making this cute little headband with my new lovely lavendar and aqua sand dollar print I got at JoAnn's. It's by Heidi Grace. I think it's super cute. I love to wear headbands in the summer. I wear my hair in a messy ponytail almost everyday in this hot weather and having a cute headband, makes me feel less schlumpy. 
I saw this cute reversible headband browsing through A Feathered Nest's older posts and loved it. I've been making very simple rectangle headbands for my daughter and headbands for etsy shop and then embellishing them. But this one, I made for me. :) You can find the pattern and instructions over at Foofangle.
One tip I read on A Feathered Nests post in the comments was to: Sew the elastic in on one end. Next attach a safety pin to the other side of elastic. Then use the safety pin to move the elastic up towards the opening and pull it though to make turning it inside out a little easier.
Of course I read that after I finished making mine. Next time I'll give that a try

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ShellyStout said...

LOVE it, Can't wait to try and make one.

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