Friday, June 19, 2009


I've decided to take a Summer Vacation from my etsy shop. I have begun to feel overwhelmed with the orders and always feel I am behind. There are things that I must make time for like putting together a Garage Sale and just having fun with my kids. There have been several days this summer, when I could have taken them out to play, but we stayed in because I had an order to get done. I just need a break. SO, I'm on Vacation from June 24th to August 1st. Any order placed before Aug 1st will be mailed out in the normal 2 weeks from order date. Any items ordered during the Vacation Time will be started on August 1st and mailed out 2 -3 weeks from then. I hope it doesn't hurt my Etsy business, but I just need a break....for my sanity. :)

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ShellyStout said...

Good for you, you need a break. ps LOVE that pic of your kiddos

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