Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple Child's Apron Tutorial

Ella's New Apron

This was a fun project that my daughter helped me make with her. I let her pick out whatever fabric and trims she wanted. I was a little scared that she'd pick out something horrendous, but I was pleasantly surprised at what she put together. At first, I wasn't too excited about the butterfly and cupcake print combo, but it turned out cute. And at one point, I had ALL my pink & green ric rac out, all different sizes and shades for her to pick out for the bottom, She looked at me and said, "Don't you have any white?" Well, yes I do. So she picked out the white ric rac for the bottom. I wouldn't have chosen that, but I think it looks even better than the pink, I would have picked. She's got a good eye, huh?

P.S. Wasn't intended to be a shirt, but she was already shirtless, so I just went with it. LOL.
Couple Good size scraps of fabric - One that's about 13 X 17 and one that's about 9 X 5
One package Bias Tape or Ribbon totaling about 2 1/2 yards or more precisely 86 inches
Some Ric Rac or other trim about 16 inches 

Bottom part of Apron:
Cut out the bottom part of the apron. Fold the fabric in half and mark an inch and a half in on the top so that the total width of the top will be around 14 inches. Then use a straight edge and rotary cutter to cut diagonally from this mark to the bottom edge OR mark it with your disappearing ink pen and cut with scissors.

Hem all sides with a rolled hem. (Fold over about 1/4 inch, iron. Fold over another 1/4 inch and iron then stitch it down.)

Top part of Apron:
Now mine is just a rectangle, but if I were to do it again, I would make it more of trapezoid, like the bottom. I'd fold it just like you did the bottom and mark it a half inch in and cut diagonally.
Now only hem the bottom edge, with a rolled hem. 

Next, cut a piece of bias tape to fit the top edge. Fit the raw edge of the top into the fold of the bias tape  and pin in a couple spots. Stitch it down sewing close to the open edge of the bias tape. 

close up view on finished apron

Next cut two pieces of bias tape about 19-20 inches long. (This will cover the raw edges of the sides of the top and also serve as the ties for the neck.) You may need them longer or shorter depending on your child. 

*You can even measure out exactly how much you need and sew it just as a loop. For my 3 year old, I'd need a piece around 23 inches long, if I were to do just a loop that would go over her head. OR you could still do two pieces and use Velcro to attach them. It's totally up to you what you do here. 

Anyway, so you fit the raw edges of the sides into the bias tape and sew very close to the open edge of the bias tape, because this will become the ties and you'll need to close them up. 

Before you get to the end open up the bias tape fold the end in and then fold back together and sew it. This should finish the ends off. 

Here's a few pics, how to do might be so simple, but it took me a few minutes trying to figure it out the first time and pictures would have made it go so quick...

here's the bias tape

open it up
fold the end in

fold bias tape back on itself

Then, mark both the center of the top and bottom. Match the centers up and lay the bottom over the top- over lapping by about 1/2 inch. Pin them together. Then Sew them together. 

 view of the back of the apron

Then take out the rest of your bias tape. I needed 39 inches. Mark the center of your bias tape. Line it up with the center of the bottom of the apron OVER the stitches you just made attaching the top to the bottom. Finish the ends the same as you did for the neck ties, but opening up the bias tape and folding the end down into the fold and then folding it back shut. Sew very close to the open edge of the bias tape all the way across. Creating the waist ties for the apron.

Last add a little Ric Rac to the bottom edge. I always heat seal the ends of my ric rac to keep it from fraying. You can just hold it close to the flame of a lighter and it will melt the edges to seal it from fraying. You can either make it the exact length or make the ric rac a little longer and fold it over to the back. That's up to you. Just pin it in place and sew it on.

You're done.  Yea! Now go bake some cookies with your little cutie!

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A yummy outfit for an even yummier little girl!

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