Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sneak Peak at our Bear Birthday Party

Tomorrow will be Hudson's "Play Group Birthday Party" along with one of our other play group friends, Kamryn. I was a little worried that it looked like a girly bear...but he is sharing this party with a girl- so I think it's fine. Hudson will be turning 2 and Kamryn will be turning 3. Kamryn's mommy is so graciously hosting a Build-A-Bear party, so I'm bringing the dessert. Don't you think these are cute? I've only made one- just to try it out so I wouldn't be freaking out in the morning. I'll make the rest tomorrow morning before we head to the mall.

I love my Play Group. Our group formed because several of us had worked together for a dentist here in town and missed seeing each other after we quit to stay home with new babies. We all have kids from age 4 on down to newborn. It's so fun to be able to stay in touch. Some of the mommy's still work there part time and some of us stay home full time, so we're a former/ current Dr. Anderson play group, although he is not included in our group, LOL.  

I'm also working on a Bear Birthday Shirt for Hudson- I'll post pics of that tomorrow.

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