Friday, August 14, 2009

My Favorite New Earrings...and photo editing.

Well, I'd like to say these were handmade or recycled, but they aren't they were just on sale at Target for $3.48 and I couldn't pass them up. 
But since that isn't so much about anything handmade or homebaked, I'll tell you how to make your photos of those handmade items look better. I edited these photos with Picnik and it is SPECTACULAR. I have used Adobe photoshop for years and like it. There are still a few things that I can do in Adobe that cannot be done on Picnik, but overall, I just love the effects on Picnik and cannot seem to get those kind of results out of Adobe.

It's super fun. You should so play around on Picnik. You'll love what you can do with your photos.
Here's a few I've done: 

I think it can take an average good picture and kick it up a notch to looking great.

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Vintage Dutch Girl said...

VERY cute earrings! I am looking to find some hoop material to make my own beaded earrings....but that would mean MORE projects and MORE craft materials... :)

Nice to meet you!

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