Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pictures taken while on the phone with my good friend Shelly. 
I was trying to explain to her how I had sewn 
these red flowers to my aqua shirt and she didn't think it sounded cute, so I took a few pics to send to her.

When I read blogs, I often would love a little bit more info about the person behind the posts. I saw this list of questions on another blog and figured I'd post it on mine too.

Just a little more about me: In case you were wondering...
Making : a few headbands to take with me to the beach

Cooking : rice, chicken, and green beans for dinner

Drinking : sweet tea

Reading: going to read Twilight on my vacation this next week

Wanting: new shoes for winter, some ballet -ish flats and some boots

Looking: at my kids playing dollhouse

Playing: on the internet rather than packing like I should.

time by playing on Facebook 
Sewing: hand  sewing 
lots of applique shirts (12 to be exact) for some etsy and local customers
Wishing: my parents & siblings lived closer

Enjoying: the sound of my kids playing happily

Waiting: for my hubby to finish watching the football game and pack the car.
Liking: all the family time we have had this summer

Wondering: what it will be like to get moved into our new house

Loving: my family

Hoping: that it doesn't rain at the beach
Marvelling: at how quickly time has flown by
Needing: a new dining room table
Smelling: dinner
Wearing: jeans and a tank top

Noticing:  that I need to dust around here
Knowing: that I am in His hands. So thankful that Jesus has plans for my life.

Thinking: of all the pictures I want to take on the Beach

Opening: new Pottery Barn mags that came in the mail today. Yea!
Giggling: with my husband
Feeling: sleepy

are there any questions you would love to know about me? ask away in the comments below .


ShellyStout said...

I have SOOO many questions I would like to ask you!
1) Whats your comfort food?
2) Would your rather be addicted to food or video games?
3) What time to do usually go to bed?
4) If you had the day off, what would you do?
5) You win the lottery, Whats the first thing you buy?
6) Would you rather live in NYC or LA?
7)Most dreaded cleaning chore?
8) Do you like Seafood?
9) Would you steal food to feed your family?
10)Have you shaved your legs today?
11) Indoors or Outdoors?
12)Rice or Beans?
13) Who makes the best french fries?
14) Where have you always wanted to visit?

Melissa at said...

Oh Shelly,
Here we go...
1. Anything Cheesey
2. food
3. 11 or midnight
4. Sleep in, go shopping, get my hair done, go to lunch, and get a massage
5. dining room table
6. LA
7. dishes
8. Nope
9. Yep
10. last night before bed
11. Indoors to sleep, Outdoors to play
12. Rice
13. Zips had these season fries (not in business anymore) Red Robin or Spangles
14. I don't know. I like to be home.

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