Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pretty Fall Package

I had a little birthday dinner to go to with some friends and wanted some fall-ish wrapping. So, I wrapped this little gift in a brown paper grocery sack and then added some orange raffia and these little printable tags to it, and... Voila! Cute gift wrapping for next to nothing! 
Click here for the link: Fall Themed Tags
Also used one of the printable tags to make a matching card. Just glued a tag to a scrap piece of grocery sack.
Picture of our little dinner party. 
These are some of my play group moms, minus the kiddos. 
Yea for Mommy's Night Out. 

P.S. I know someone will ask, so... the white dots were already on the sack. Part of the Grocery Store's design on their sack. But I'm sure you could stamp your own dots on with white ink, if your neighborhood Grocery Store doesn't have a cool design on their sack. :)

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