Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Doll Birthday Party- Post 1

Here's a few pictures of some things I'm working on for Ella's 4th Birthday Party. I am totally in LOVE with the fabric I used for the party inspiration. It's Splashy Rose in Citrus by Sandi Henderson. It's from her new Meadowsweet Line. Gorgeous. I just love the colors. It was hard to even cut it. 

Here's the link for the Baby Doll Party Hat tutorial I made. So fun!

If you want to make that fabulous Party Garland hop on over to The Pearl Bee and check out her tutorial. She even has a printable PDF for the shapes. 


Lori Danelle said...

Love the matching outfit for Ella's Bitty Baby. We just got the girls Bitty Babies for Christmas so I think I may have to follow your lead and do something similar for Charlie's upcoming BDay. Too cute!!

dana said...

so fun!
thanks for sharing with me!
- dana

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