Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Goal- Organize



Our playroom has been a mess ever since we moved. If I'm not careful toys tend to overwhelm us. I put everything into bins and then anything left over that didn't have a "home" went into either the trash or give-away box. Feels good! It still needs more tweaks and some decorative touches, but the toys have been tamed, thanks to some cubbie shelves and fabric bins. Both I bought on sale at Target. Now to move on to some other rooms in the house. My goal is to have things organized before Baby #3 makes his/her appearance this June. I
only have two closets, linen closet and a pantry left to do. :)


ShellyStout said...

it looks great, good luck with the rest of the house

Judith and Lance said...

Looks awesome. I'm also trying to get our toys in order, at this point I must say that I'm thankful it's not because we have another little one on the way... in due time :)

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