Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Progress on my Baby's Quilt

I hand quilted just the middle block. The rest of the quilt is just hand tied.

I'm now 6 months along in this pregnancy. We're waiting to find out the gender this time. I'm so excited to have that surprise on the big day. We already have a boy and girl, so we will be super pleased to have either gender.
The only down side to waiting to find out the gender is that I can't get sewing on pretty girly things, or cute boyish things. So far, I 've had to settle with making a few gender neutral bibs. However, my big project lately has been a very colorful and crazy looking quilt. I finished the quilt top, quilt "sandwich", tied it, and hand quilted the middle block. I'm working on the binding now.

This is my first quilt EVER. I've just been trying to pick up tips on blogs and such online. Here's a few that have been very helpful...
Here's our little one at 18 weeks.

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Vanessa said...

Your quilt is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing these links with me.

You should give the toddler backpack a try-use a heavier fabric instead of lining,interfacing,etc-will be lots easier.

On a side note-I saw your comment and kept thinking that the name "Perry Jayne" seemed familiar. It wasn't until I looked up from my monitor that I noticed the little bag pinned to my bulletin board-the bag contains a super cute owl applique and your instruction sheet with "Perry Jayne" on the front. It's been there for almost a year!! No wonder the name seemed familiar. A friend bought it and passed it along with the idea that I could put it on something for her. We just haven't figured out what!

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