Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Name Polls

I'm 30 weeks along today. Wow, it's getting close. 
Which is causing me to go into name panic. So, I just added two baby name polls to the right side of my blog. I think we've pretty much settled on Sawyer for a boy and Penelope if it's a girl, but we need middle names. For a girl, I'd like to have a one syllable middle name or something that can be shortened to one syllable. So we can say Penny Jo,  etc. if we wanted to. For reference: our oldest is Abriella Jayne McCoy (we call her Ella for short) and then our soon to be middle child is Hudson Perry McCoy.

Go ahead and vote. Let us know what you think. And if you have another suggestion- leave me a comment here.

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Lori Danelle said...

Grey is Peyton's middle name! I just love it! And Derek Lowery (remember him?) named his son Grey too. I think it's cool when a name I thought was previously unheard of pops up all over the place! :)

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