Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Party Time!!!

Collaboration is a Good Thing!
Kristen, from Mary Had a Little Party, and I have shared our art with one another to create the ULTIMATE in matching party items. Get all your paper items from Kristen and then order a matching shirt for your cutie to wear from my shop, Perry Jayne. If you ask me... it's pretty awesome and WAY more fun and unique than the mass produced stuff you get from the store. Especially because you can customize colors for your party. So far you can choose from the Owl, Enchanted Mermaid, or Cupcake. But I'm sure they'll be much more to come in the future. We are both very busy ladies, so be sure to order EARLY, 4-6 weeks at least. (I'm getting ready to go on maternity leave...I might be able to squeeze in a couple more orders before, but I'll be back in action in a couple months. So send me a convo on etsy ASAP, if you're wanting to order.)


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