Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Fail French Bread

This bread is DELICIOUS!
 My family gobbled it up. It makes too die for toast. 
I toasted the bread for turkey & swiss sandwiches and it was so awesome!

Recipe found on Barefoot & Baking

* A few additions to her instructions: I added a little extra flour (dusting) when I kneaded it each time because the dough was pretty sticky. And I kneaded for only about 30 seconds each time. After the last time I kneaded it and it rested 10 min, I then formed it into loaves, in other words- I didn't knead it right before I formed them into loaves. I also cut diagonal slits on the tops, and put a little egg wash on top before baking on the middle rack into the preheated oven- and I didn't pre-heat my stone.

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