Saturday, September 4, 2010

She is Three Months Old today...

The Wonderful and Good News about my sweet Penelope: 

I love this little girl so much! She is an easy baby. (My first was a difficult baby, so I do know the difference and am so thankful for her mellow personality). Very content and happy most of the time. She smiles a lot. She's given us a few tiny giggles. She has been trying to roll over this last week. She gets stuck and can't quite make it over, this she will cry about. Apparently, she is going to have a temper. :) She is sleeping well, only nursing once or twice a night. Usually sleeping for a 6 hour stretch, usually followed by a 4 hour stretch, then  another 2 hours.  My older two kiddos ADORE her. They constantly are singing to her, showing her toys, and playing with her. We are so happy she is in our lives.

The Bad News about me:
I haven't lost one pound since I came home from the hospital, not one! It's horrible. (With my other two pregnancies, I was back into my jeans within a month). I have been wearing my "bigger" maternity clothes (as opposed to my "smaller" maternity clothes, which still don't fit). I finally broke down and bought a regular pair of jeans, but they are 2 sizes bigger than what I would normally wear. It made me sad. I've been jogging a mile a few times a week for the last 3 hasn't helped any yet. Oh well. 
The other thing is I feel like my hormones are still out of whack. I'm pretty irritable at times, overwhelmed easily, and still cry for no reason quite often. I have super low energy no matter how much I've slept. I've finally made an appointment with my doctor for later this month. I'm going to hopefully have her check my thyroid and get some advice on where I should be at and what I can do to start feeling more like myself again.

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Rhianna said...

Your daughter is breath taking! Enjoy and congrats. :)

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