Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mommy's night disguised as a Baby Shower

I would like for you to notice an absence of something... yes something is missing right there on my hip...Can you guess? Penelope... :) I love that girl, but it was nice to leave her at home for a few hours. My friend Kristina is expecting her third baby in August, so we had a little baby shower for her. I fixed my hair and put on make up. Crazy, I know!! Then I left the house with no children in my vehicle. It was fabulous to eat an entire meal without having to feed, clean up after, entertain, or hold a child. I mean IT WAS HEAVEN. I have to do that again sometime.
The bib I made off of one of Penelope's bibs, that my mom had made for her. Then just a couple rolled flowers, either hot glued to a bit of elastic or hair clip for her sweet new baby.

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KSKH said...

Hooray for Mom getting out by herself, very needed sometimes. And beautiful creations as always.

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