Thursday, July 7, 2011

Penelope {13 months}

So I wasn't gonna do a month by month update after her first birthday, but when I snapped this pic I just couldn't help it. LOVE this baby girl. She has been a tad cranky with some more teeth coming in. I've had to do a lot of cuddling, nursing, and comforting. She is also really showing us her stubborn naughty side. The Lord is gonna have to grant me a little more patience for this little stinker. She has learned to hit... the dog, and her siblings. She also occasionally bites us still. And is determined to use Daddy's laptop no matter what! She has found the toilet and loves to splash around in there. To top it off she likes to try to eat everything still... board books, tissue paper, rocks, dog toys, etc... Then she also has decided that she doesn't want to go to bed at night. I've been nursing her to sleep just like always, but now she realizes she's falling asleep and will throw herself off my lap and just run around being cranky. Tonight was Night 1 of our new bedtime routine. (I know, I should have been doing one all along). We got jammies on, read a book, rocked for a few minutes and then I stood and held her for a few more minutes and then put her in her crib... Hope this will help with our bedtime routine.

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