Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Princess and the Pea -First Birthday Party for my little Princess Penelope

OK, so I finally got around to posting pics from Penelope's first birthday from June.

My Princess
Her Birthday outfit was a gift from a very dear friend. It's from Gymboree.

The Party Table
 The party was at 3pm, so we just had fruit, veggies, spinach dip with bagel chips, and cookies.  Then of course we also had wonderful cake and ice cream.
The cake and sugar cookies were made by two wonderful women from our church.

I didn't really get a close up on it, but the paper plates, napkins, a couple platters & buckets were from Target. I think most of it was out around Easter time. I just loved all the pretty bright colors & built my party around that color scheme.

I loved using balloons as a banner accross our dining area.
I was super excited that you could see them reflected in the mirror above the food table. Does that make me a huge dork that I was so happy about that?
We had some pink sparkling punch that was super good. I put out lemons, raspberries, and pretty pink stripe straws for the guests to make their drinks extra pretty. This is the first time I used jars for drinking glasses & I loved it.
recipe found at Southern Living

Cake by Cindy Boyd

Smash Cake by Cindy Boyd

by Pam Smith

by Pam Smith

This is how my little Princess greeted her guests. LOL.
 They came in and she fell down on the floor smiling and kicking her feet. She is so silly.

Chewing on her presents. :) Wearing her flower crown I made for her. I found one at Lori Marie's  that I liked, but couldn't swallow the cost, so I just DIYed it myself. It took me hours to make, so I totally understand why they are so expensive. It's not nearly as beautiful as the ones she makes, but it was free for me to make because I already had all the felt on hand. But seriously check out her shop because EVERYTHING is to die for beautiful.

This was one of my favorite things I made for her party. I had taken a profile pic of Penelope a while ago, but didn't know what I was going to do with it. I thought about making this for the party the day before.  I loved being able to find more uses for the fabrics I had purchased. Which by the way, I had most of the fabrics on hand, but I did buy that purple gingham at Hobby Lobby and I used some Tea Towels I bought at Target to tie in the banner with the other party goods. I basically just used the fabrics for the flag banner, one yard of aqua gingham on the table and then these embroidery hoops that I hung above the table.

I ordered sugar snap peas in a big package & then printed some  seed packets, and divded them up for the adult guests to take home as a  party favor. The kids got Goldfish, a small pack of markers & a homemade coloring book of Princess & the Pea themed coloring pages I grabbed online.

Our entry table. The little poster had a quote from the Princess and the Pea on it.
Wish I would have made that much bigger.

The Birthday Girl Enjoying her Cake!!

Random Party Shots
Just swishing her skirt

Riding her new pink pony
She loved her new Baby Stella... AND Baby Stella's bottle.

Let me know if you have any questions. I a lot more ideas and things I wanted to do, but ran out of time and money. You can check out my Inspiration Board I made for her birthday on Pinterest.


La Donna said...

I LOVE this. Don't be surprised if I fb message you with tons of questions. The layout of your pictures and everything is so sweet. She is for sure a pretty pretty princess. Oh- don't you love pinterest. I'm completely hooked.

myminimocs said...

What a WONDERFUL Celebration!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little party! It really reminds me of this: (the layout)(link)

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