Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Penelope {12 months}

Can not belive a year has passed. She is so big now. She walks all over the place. She knows how to be silly to make us laugh. She thinks her big brother and big sister are the greatest, but she doesn't like them to try to pick her up. That will make her squeal like a little piggy. She loves our Boston Terrier, Pixie. She pets her, hugs her, and even calls her by making a little clicking noise with her tongue. :) Her new favorite food is strawberries. She can't get enough. And I just can't get enough of holding her. She is a snuggliest sweetest little girl.


myminimocs said...

enjoy every minute! she is simply lovely!

La Donna said...

Melissa, she is a doll. I wish I could pinch her little cheeks. They grow up so fast. I'm so glad you get to be at home with your kiddos to enjoy them.

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