Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving to Georgia

So, we made the very tough decision to move. We will be moving from Oklahoma and the church we have been in for 8 years. We are so sad to leave our family and our friends, but excited to embark on this adventure. We have had so many confirmations that this is the path God is leading us down. I know that He will give us the strength and comfort during this transition. Jason's family lives very close now and my family is just 3 hours away. We will be moving 13 hours from Jason's family and 16 from mine. That was definitely the most difficult part in making the decision to move.
We will be joining the staff at  First Assembly of God  in Warner Robins. Jason will continue to be a Children's Pastor. That is his passion. I'm sure he will be doing Children's Ministry until we are very old and gray. We visited the town and church a few weeks back. Both are beautiful. Well, I must get back to packing. There are a crazy ton of boxes already packed and a bazillion more to go. Along with a little touch up painting to do.

Here's a pic of my kiddos before church yesterday morning. They are baling the field across from our neighborhood. My kids LOVE this field. Ella says that she is going to miss it. They are building a hospital there soon, so chances are the next time we visit Oklahoma this field will be gone. That's sort of sad.
My poor little fair baby girl looks a little albino in this pic. :)

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La Donna said...

I JUST read this post. So excited for you, but can't help but feel sad for you as well. May Lord bless you and keep you during this time, but above all I hope his peace helps you through the packing process. Ugh! Keep us updated!

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