Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet the Teacher Night- and a camera trick*

A few pics from right before "Meet the Teacher" on Monday..
The lighting outside was FABULOUS and I got a few really great pics of her. 

Love her glittery pink polish
Sweet Smile

Love this girl... and her fish tail bread

Cannot believe she's starting first grade

  I was just so excited when I uploaded these. I took them by standing way back and then zooming in on her. .. the result was some AWESOME blurred background. Love it!! I have a decent camera, but no fancy lenses or anything, so I was just so glad that this worked so well. If you've got great outdoor lighting and you can get your subject to stand semi still, you can use that zoom trick to get some great shots.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL of Ella! <3


what camera are you using?

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

Karen: I have a Kodak Easy Share Z981. It's a couple years old now. It's a good camera, but nothing super special. Doesn't have removable lenses or anything.

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