Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Angelina Ballerina Ears

Penelope LOVES Angelina Ballerina. So I made her some mouse ears with a bow for her halloween costume. I hope your little Angelina Ballerina lover likes them too. I think you can just right click and save the picture below. Then print at full size. It should fill a regular piece of paper.
Ok, and by "attach to elastic", I mean fold over where I've marked a dotted line and just stitch it down. These aren't super fancy, but it does the trick. :) And because I already had the dance gear and felt on hand... This costume is FREE!!! Score one for Mom!!

***and pardon her tatted up legs. She's developing a love of stick on tattoos from her big brother. 

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The Reeds said...

This is adorable! My daughter is in love with Angelina Ballerina and this may be our costume for the year (complete with little sister Polly). Thanks for the hard work of this post!

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