Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pin It: Do It - #1

I spend some time on Pinterest... maybe too much. :) But I figure if it actually inspires me to do a few projects around the house, it's worth it, right?
 So here's my first post on finally doing something with all my pins. I saw an adorable jean patch here. It's so cute, but my daughter's jeans were fine. However, Hudson's jeans...EVERY pair has a hole. So I got out some camo fabric and started patching... One pair got an "over patch" the other an "under patch" with both I used a little wonder under and my sewing machine. Hopefully now we can get a little more use out of his jeans.

Do you have some favorite jeans that could get some new life with a cute patch?  
And... if want you can follow me on Pinterest. :)
I love to follow fun crafting boards and those with healthy recipes. Leave me a link to your boards in the comments and I'll check them out. Who knows... a pin for your board could be in the next "Pin It: Do It" post. :)

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