Sunday, January 18, 2009

"New" Books

Yesterday, my good husband took our daughter to the used book store down the street. It's a wonderful place. I was sad to have to stay home with our little boy, who has been feeling pretty sickly lately. However, they came home with some treasures!
They found a stack of Golden Books. I just love old Golden Books! And what makes an old golden book even better...being illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Her illustrations are the best. She draws children that you just want to scoop up in your arms and smooch their sweet chubby cheeks.


knitsational said...

I love them too! Whenever we go thrifting I always dig through the kid's books to find them. And even though my girls like them, too, I think I am probably buying them more for me. :)

judÄ— said...

good lord.. those illustrations and books bring back memories JUST from the sight of them! I love the way she made their chubby little cheeks. :)

Almay Alday said...

I grew up on golden books! Thanks for a wonderful childhood memory!

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