Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Plans for this Next Week

I have this spectacular little Weekly Calendar Note Pad that my friend Shelly gave me on my Fridge. It's great because I can plan out my week and put it up in plain view so I don't forget things. It's also good for Ella. It helps her understand how many days until an event. I usually try to draw a picture to represent certain activities, like a book for Storytime OR balloons for a party. Anyway, so I ripped off a week and this is what I found underneath...Ella had already planned my week for me. However, I have no idea what those plans are since I don't read "Three Year-Old". Anyone else know what it says? I sure don't want to be late for anything. :)

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myminimocs said...

i do in fact read "Three Year Old"
and it says play with mommy every day this week!!! what a joyful thing to find - she following in your footsteps! have a great week!

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