Friday, March 27, 2009

Making My Own Octopus

So I saw this little t-shirt online today and wanted it so badly for my Ella, but alas, there were none any size at all. So sad. So I decided to make my own for her. I had gotten a little white tank at the store not too long ago with the intention of embellishing it a tad, so I just got it out and went to work. Nobody tell me shame on me for copying because I couldn't have bought it if I had wanted to, so no one lost any money over it. :)
The first is the shirt from a (chain...not etsy) store I found online

This one is the tank I made with matching headband of course...

I may still add some bubbles and buttons for fun, but I don't have any pretty buttons laying around right now. You can't really tell but that yellow blob is a sea shell. *sigh- Maybe I need to use the black embroidery floss to give that more definition.

This design will NOT be in the etsy shop, since it is so much like what was online. But I know my daughter will have fun wearing it.
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