Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Weekend & Spring Fitness Challenge -Weigh In

We're doing a 2 for 1 blog today.
 Sharing pics from celebrating my Mom's Birthday and also our Fitness Challenge Info.

Mom's Birthday Weekend
 I went to Kansas to celebrate my mom's birthday this weekend. I ate way too much, but had a great time.
Here's the shirt I made for my mom, along with a cute little fabric headband made out of the black and white polka dot fabric. I liked how it turned out. I may make Ella and I some matching flower t-shirts for Mother's Day. We'll see....

Here's my mom and Ella opening gifts.

OK, now to the Weigh -In Info:

Date: April 6th
Weight: 142 lbs (down 2 lbs)
% lost: 1.39%

Well, not an impressive start, but at least I didn't gain. I was so afraid I was gonna gain because honestly I didn't exercise one day last week AND we celebrated my mom's birthday...and I had two pieces of German Chocolate Cake, which was delicious by the way.
I will celebrate the 2 lbs and move forward. Making a renewed effort to get some movement into my day.

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myminimocs said...

congrats girl - keep it up!!!

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