Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose- Lunges

Yesterday I was determinedDetermined to get in some exercise. I've been tracking my calories on and now I KNOW that I've got to exercise to get this weight off. So... I got the kids down for a nap, and got my workout gear on. Loaded up my little basket with my phones and baby moniter, since our treadmill is upstairs in our guest room. I even printed off a treadmill workout off the fitness website
Got upstairs, went to open the door and it was LOCKED!  

I remembered then that my hubby told me a few days ago that he had locked himself out of the guest room. Ugh! All that motivation and nothing to show for it. I was frustrated.

But my hubby decided to mow the lawn last night and so the kids and I went out to play too. I still had my work-out gear on, so... I ran around the yard with the kids, pulled them in the wagon, swept the porch,  raced the dog up and down the yard trying to get a little bit of exercise in. Then I got the best idea, "Duck, Duck, Goose Lunges".


 It was so much fun for Ella and so much work for me. Here's the idea, You do walking lunges saying, "Duck" everytime you go down into a lunge, then after a few, you yell "Goose" and chase down your kiddo and tickle them. Then repeat. We did our "Duck, Duck, Goose Lunges" game for quite awhile. My husband told me that I looked crazy, but I don't care. I had him go in and grab the camera so I could share. It must have worked pretty good, because my booty and thighs are SORE today!


And the best news is that after we came in, my wonderful husband got the door unlocked using   a CD, I told him that he was MacGyver. He agreed.

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