Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Fitness Challenge- Monday Weigh-In

Week 2- Weigh In

April 13th
Weight: 140 lbs 
Lost this week: 2 lbs
Total lost: 4 lbs
% lost: 2.78%
Goal: 125 (starting to feel this is a lofty goal)
Weeks remaining: 6 weeks

Pleased that I lost, wish it was more. Just gonna keep moving forward. If I only lose 2 lbs a week for the whole challenge. That will still be 16 lbs. That would be better than where I was.


Jenna Z said...

Awesome progress! (another fitness challenger here!) I am tracking my calories online too (to SparkPeople). It's a real wake-up call, isn't it? Definitely a great way to keep an eye on the foods you put in your mouth!

myminimocs said...

you go girl!!!

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