Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to Make a Memorial Day Hair Clip

For those of you that are super crafty you won't need these instructions and may already have made cute little hair clip for tomorrow. But if you haven't I loved this one I just made for my daughter. I actually made a Red, White, and Blue Headband that is super cute last night, but went to get her dressed for Church this morning and realized that her dress wasn't blue...Ugh. So decided to whip this little clip up real quick. Literally took me less than 5 minutes. Although that may be because all my crafting stuff was already out from the night before. For once, it paid off to have not put everything away. :)

What you need:
Hot Glue Gun
Alligator Clip
Double Sided Fusible Web

1. Trace Star Shape onto Double Sided Fusible Web

2. Iron on to Bandanna Fabric

3. Cut out
4. Peel backing off of Star
5. Cut out slightly larger star out of Felt
6. Iron the smaller Bandanna Star onto the Felt Star (At this point, you could stitch around the edges, but since it's only on a hair clip and won't be going through the wash. I decided not to sew it.)
7. Cut length of Ribbon to fit your clip, Heat Seal edges with a lighter.
8. Hot glue Ribbon to Alligator Clip, Hot Glue Star on top.

You're done. Put this in your little Cutie's Hair and have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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littlelovelies said...

Very cute & easy memorial day clip! She looks adorable wearing it as well!

p.s. i'm hosting a giveaway - come and see!
x nadine
little lovelies

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