Friday, May 29, 2009

My Daughter's Grocery List

Grocery List by Ella - age 3

My 3 year old, Ella, has been doing some extra chores around the house and earning a little money. I told her that this money could go toward the purchase of a Princess Toy that she's been eyeing at the check-out the last few trips to the store. She asked if she would have enough money to also get some Dora Gummies. I told her I would go ahead and foot the bill for the Dora Gummies. :) But she wanted to be sure I would remember them and kept talking about it, so I told her to make me a list of what we needed to get at the store. I told her to draw her toy, the gummies (fruit snacks), Pull-ups (for night-time), and Tylenol. She told me that drawing Tylenol was too hard, but she did draw the others for me. Here is her list that she made....(I did "help" draw Dora's Hair as requested because Ella only knows how to draw piggies).

I did take the list with me, along with my own with the tylenol written down as well as a few other necessities. She actually changed her mind about the Princess Toy and got Princess Chap Stick instead. 

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ShellyStout said...

Her art is sooo beautiful! I'm so jealous, i can't even draw that well. I need to send Emma to "Ella's Art School for a couple weeks. I was wondering about that hair.

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