Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Ella Girl

So my Ella girl is a tad dramatic...she's been lamenting the fact that her birthday is SO FAR away. I think mostly because her little brother's birthday is coming up in a month and she keeps hearing us talk about it. So after comforting her through yet another crying session over her far away birthday, I told her we would celebrate her half birthday. She was elated. I had to very quickly add the stipulations. It would be an immediate family only, one present and some cupcakes kinda party. She was a little disappointed about the one present, but agreed. So we celebrated Ella's 3 1/2 birthday this weekend and it was fun. Here's a few snapshots from our "party". 

blowing out her 3 1/2 candles

Having their own little party!

Pixie waiting for crumbs

Enjoying her new present. An Art Easel, so she can paint along side Daddy. (It also has a chalk board, which she loved!) Good present picking credit goes to my husband. Thanks honey!!

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