Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wonderland Tea Party

Custom Mad Hatter Birthday Tea Party Shirt

This was a custom order for a repeat customer. She is throwing her two year old a Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday Party. I worked up several drawings, but ultimately the customer actually drew this out for me

and after a few tweaks and some colorful fabric...I think it turned out really delightful. 
I lost count on the hours I spent on this shirt but I'm pretty sure we're looking at the very least 8 hours... of cutting, laying out, re-cutting, re-laying out, hand sewing...and more sewing. Not to mention the time I orginally spent drawing and redrawing tea cups with various #2s and Wonderland items...But it was worth it for this very cute shirt.
 The end result I think is an adorable birthday shirt. Hope she loves it!


MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

This is really sweet, amazing work! Love it!

Andrea said...

Wow, how adorable! What detail! I love it. Come by and link up to Make it Wear it if you'd like!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com

Mum in Bloom said...

This is so adorable and I love that you can see the beautiful stitching.

ivoryspring said...

This is sooo cute!

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