Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Little Project- Cover Jar Lids

See my cute little button jars? Here's how I covered them. Super simple

You'll need little jars, felt, fabric, ribbon, scissors, washable sewing pen & a glue gun

Here's my jars. I got them from a Ladies Luncheon at church. 
They used to be filled with M & M's- now they are full of buttons.

Trace your lid on felt and cut it out. (This keeps your glue gun marks from showing.)

Wrap fabric around lid. Trace around your lid and cut out.

Glue on the felt circle with hot glue.

 Then glue on fabric. You may want to cut a few slits in the sides 
so it will glue around the edges smoothly.

Glue the ribbon around the edge.

Put your little jars up on a cute shelf.... 

(Please ignore the fact that my drawer front... fell off. It's an old sewing table.) 
Speaking of my old sewing table. I was thinking of painting it. 

What color should I go with... 
white, black, green, red, maybe even aqua?????

Lest you think my sewing area is always this clean here's the before & after pics to prove it was a big mess.

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