Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eat to Live: Day 5

Eat Smart Veggies
Energy: Medium
Mood: Optimistic

Health: Feeling good
Hunger: Not bad
Craving: Candy
Current weight: 172.6 lbs. - total lost 4.2 pounds. Whoot Whoot
That 4 pounds is totally motivating me to keep going!!
I've added coffee back into my morning routine. I just missed it too much.
I have been eating TONS of veggies. I've been buying the "Eat Smart" bags of veggies. I just toss a bag of stir fry veggies in the microwave and then add a touch of Mrs. Dash, garlic, and low sodium soy sauce. So good. And totally fills me up. I've also found ways to sweeten oatmeal with bananas and dates.


La Donna said...

I am very proud of you for doing this. You are a great mom and inspiration to share all this with us. I'm right here in blog world serving as your cheerleader in this endeavor. Keep us posted!!

myminimocs said...


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