Friday, April 12, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge: Projects #5-#10

For the month of April I am participating in the 30 Day Cleaning Challenge over at Money Saving Mom.

Project #5 Surface clean living room and kitchen
I just have afters of this, forgot to take before shots...

Don't mind Penelope chillin' on the couch watching "Dorda" (as she likes to call her.)

Project #6 Clean bathrooms
Last time, I cleaned the Master Bath, so this time I focused my attention on the kids' bathroom. Why is there a Darth Vadar Mask in the bathroom??... I have no idea!

Project #7 Clean all interior windows - Nope, didn't do this one. I just figured I would do the windows as I made it to the "deep clean" on each room.
Project #8 Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house
Little Sissy helped me vacuum the Living Room. :)

Project #9 Surface clean bedrooms

Honestly, I just did the girls room for Project 9. Hudson's and ours weren't  too bad, but I ran out of steam.

Project #10 Deep Clean the Living Room (mirrors, baseboards, dust, etc.)
Didn't realize how badly, I needed to dust. This was my job at home as a kid, I hated it then. But now, look how nice and shiny it makes things. :)

I cleaned the windows, vacuumed out the window sills, wiped down the TV, and mopped the wood floors.

I haven't been keeping up with blogging about everything or even doing all of every project, but I've definitely gotten a lot more done around the house so far this month.

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