Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Change of Plans

So I was going to do the 30 Day Cleaning Challenge and Run a 5K this month. But, there has been a change of plans. 
First we are moving. Not far just down the street to a new rent house that has 4 bedrooms, Whoo Hoo!! All our kids will now have their own rooms. I am so excited about that. However, this means I need to start packing, like yesterday. It is only down the street, but it's not like I'm going to be walking down there  with 2 plates in my hands at a time. LOL. It's actually about a half mile away, so I won't be walking anything down there. I've got to get started boxing up all our junk... and maybe tossing some junk too. So, I will be doing a thorough cleaning of this house, but it will be after we move everything out.
OK and the 5K is also a "No Go" because I've hurt my ankle. I sprained that ankle in Junior High about 20 years ago. It's really silly to me that I could still be hurting  from that fall on the ice walking into piano lessons that long ago. I knew Piano Lessons were dumb. I may still do the "Fun Run". I think I can push through the pain for a mile, especially if I run it slow with my daughter. I'm pretty bummed because I was really making progress in my running.
OK, that's all for now. I hate not following through on what a set out to do, but you gotta know when to scrap Plan A and go to Plan B. 
Moving is so stressful for me, so I am quoting this scripture to my busy mind....

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