Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mermaid Party- Penelope's 3rd Birthday

My youngest turned 3 this past week. She has been watching a lot of Diego and loves the Mermaid episode. She tells me all the time that, "Mermaids are the heroes of the ocean." That girl cracks me up. But when she chose a Purple Mermaid theme for her birthday this year, I was so excited. I have been making mermaid shirts for my shop for years, but this is the first real mermaid party that I've done. Still we just did a small family party at the beach on vacation, and another even smaller just sibling party at home on her real birthday. So I kept everything super simple, but I think it still turned out super sweet. 
Kristen, at Mary Had a Little Party has been creating awesome party decorations to go with my mermaid for awhile now and I was so excited to get to see it all in person. LOVE the hat. It was so cute. Penelope was especially excited that everything sparkled. :)

Enchanted Mermaid Cupcake toppers and Party Hat from Mary Had a Little Party
Aqua and Green striped Straws from Dime Store Buddy
The Paper Garland, Purple Balloons and Tissue Paper Fan Circles came from Target
(The center one- I added a little sparkly tulle and felt hearts to with hot glue)
Penelope's shirt is the Enchanted Mermaid shirt from my shop, Perry Jayne 
Cupcakes came from our grocery store bakery- (for the ones with sprinkles - I just poured sprinkles on a plate and smooshed the cupcakes down on them!!)
Cupcake stand was thrifted and spray painted white.
Anything else you're wondering about you can probably find what I did... or wish I would have had time to do on my Pinterest board for her party. 

 Funny story... the first set of cupcakes bought while at the beach met their demise on the floor of my husbands truck. LOL. Now they didn't leave the box, but they were not fit for pictures....and we ate them anyway. :) I kind of wanted to take pics on the beach, but she was tired and it was hot. We made do with pictures on the balcony and that was just fine. However, she smiled for a few pictures and then was grouchy so there aren't a lot of pictures.

My sweet beachy birthday girl!

We celebrated at the beach right after her nap and she was a little sleepy still.

Now all these pics below were taken on her actual birthday here at home! 
This is what I got when I asked her to smile for a birthday picture. She said, "How 'bout I make silly faces like 'dis?"

 A fun birthday treat with her brother and sister! She picked out those lemon cookies at the grocery store. HAD to have them. Licked the icing off and tossed out the cookie. That girl! :)

 Blowing out the birthday candles. Yea!

She is a sweet terrible mess and I just love her! 

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