Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Bunting finished!!

*anyone notice the missing buttons on my calculator? 
That's courtesy my almost 2 year old boy. Thanks, Hudson!

WARNING: Making Bunting requires Math. I love to sew, but math is not my favorite subject. Who knew sewing would require so much math? So I already posted HERE about getting your triangles ready this post is just about attaching them to the bias tape. I bought, Extra Wide Double Fold 1/2" wide bias tape. If you're wondering.

*Ok, so I just spent 10  minutes trying to remember how I came up with numbers I did and...I can't remember, so I'll just give you my measurements and hopefully that will be of some help. I had 6 yrds of bias tape. I had 16 triangles of around 9 inches wide. I gave myself 10 inches to hang it by and then spaced them 3 inches apart, and ended up cutting off about 12 inches at the end.
My girly helped me measure out 3 inches in between each flag. She also commented that when she is a momma that she will sew and that she won't touch the sharp end of those "beedles" (my pins). 
I sandwiched the flags inside the bias tape and pinned each flag in place. My bunting is double sided, so the bias tape works perfectly for this.

then stitched them up. Using pre-made bias tape made this super easy. You could also make a casing on your flags and run a cord through, but that would have taken more work, I think.

So here's the finished birthday bunting. This is only part of it. My space is too small to hang it all up, but at the church (where the party is), it will be able to all hang up.) I really like it.

And so does the Birthday Boy.

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Brittny said...

I don't remember how I even found your blog, but I love this!!!! My son turned 3 in March and is crazy, crazy, crazy about construction, so it makes me love this even more. I wish we'd had one of these for his party. It was at the park and it would have been so cute! I'm a huge fan!

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