Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hudson's 2nd Birthday- "Under Construction"

Here's my Birthday Boy!
Here's a few pictures from Hudson's Birthday Party. We had a lot of fun. It was a small party and was fun to just really get to play with my boy. He loved all his presents and had a great time. Big Sis didn't even seem to be all that jealous (probably mostly because Grandma brought her presents too).

I lined our sidewalk with Orange Cones- My mom is peaking out beneath the Birthday Sign. She's silly.

My kitchen with the party food set up. I got my birthday bunting all hung up. However, next time I think I'll measure the space I want to hang it in before I make it. It took several tries to find a spot to hang mine. I made it too short for some spots and too long for the others. My mom finally helped me get it to work in the kitchen. 

Our Construction Cake is from Sam's. I had them do the "CARS" cake with a few changes and then had them leave the actual Cars off and added my own little Construction toys. I think it turned out so cute for really Cheap!

And Hudson thought the icing was delicious!

Aren't his little feet so cute? 
He was swinging his feet under the table so contentedly while he was eating his cake.

This is my dad with the kids. We have one very similar to this from last year's party. Hudson was just too tired for any more pictures, especially posed ones. He just wanted to play.

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ShellyStout said...

the last picture makes me smile, your dad is so excited,,,,but Hudson is NOT!

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