Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Penelope {16 Months}

 Penelope is a big fan of baby dolls right now. She has grown up so much in just the last 2 weeks. She has just begun to say so many new words and tries to repeat what you say occassionally. She is constantly saying, "PEEEES" (Please) with her arms reaching toward whatever she wants. We are gonna have to work on her tone. LOL. She wants to do everything her big sister and brother are doing. She is also very "helpful" with walking Pixie our Boston Terrier. She always wants to hold her leash.
 She is FULL of personality. She's pretty stubborn and ornery. She is so much more independant than Ella and Hudson were at this age. They were so shy they wouldn't hardly leave my side in public. Penelope has become quite a runner. Ready to run away the minute her feet touch the ground.
She has adjusted well to our move. She even stayed in the Nursery on Sunday night. What a blessing for me to be able to attend an ENTIRE service. She wasn't super happy about it at first, but Ms. Kyle was able to distract her with swinging outside, when I dropped her off.  Then later Penelope was feeling sad, so Ms. Kyle took her into Ella's class. Penelope crawled up on Ella's lap and watched a movie. How sweet is that? I am so thankful that Ella and Hudson are so sweet with her...most of the time. :)
She's really quite lucky...
her big brother is a super hero.

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