Friday, November 11, 2011

Eat to Live: Day 11

Energy: Good
Mood: Great
Health: Good
Hunger: OK
Craving: Almond Joy Candy Bar

Current weight: 170.8 lbs.- Total Lost - 6.0 lbs  Whoot!! Whoot!!

My taste buds are changing and my desires for foods are changing. I am looking at foods that are not nutrient dense and thinking that is so not worth putting in my body. I am wanting to eat veggies.


La Donna said...

You are making me think I need to do this. Your starting point reasons for doing this is exactly WHY I need would want to join you. It's becoming way more than just the weight issue. It's this yucky blucky I hate the way I feel thing going on. You wouldn't mind if I jumped on board with ya?

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

Please do. I really think it is changing how I feel. And it just makes sense to me to eat "nutrient dense" foods. I think making the bulk of what we eat really be fuel for our bodies so that it can fight off all the bad stuff and keep us healthy is very common sense, I just hadn't really processed it in that way in my mind before.

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